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Maintaining Your Lash Extensions


Getting lash extensions has been a huge trend these days. It is easy to see why women are going crazy on getting their eyelashes extended to make it longer and more voluminous. Some women consider eyelash extensions as a great investment to beauty. This simple service from a salon can greatly enhance your look and build up your confidence. However, having eyelash extensions demand serious commitment and dedication to make it lasts longer.

You must remember that last extensions need to be maintained and cared properly. There are instances where neglected extensions cause eyes irritation which is the last thing you want to happen. So here are a few important tips that you need to follow in order to keep your eyelash extensions looking great all the time.

Avoid Water or Steam

For the first 24 hours of your lash extensions, do not expose it to water or steam. You should keep it dry so that the adhesive applied to it will fully bond or glued to your natural lashes. In addition to this, do not go to saunas, steam rooms or tanning beds. It is necessary that you avoid water and steam up to 48 hours after application.

Avoid Oil-based Products

It is natural for women to always look beautiful at all times and this why they opt for eyelash extensions. However, when you have done eyelash extensions you must avoid using any facial products or make-ups that are oil-based. Oils from these products tend to break down the adhesive or glue used in the application. Some of the products that are usually oil-based are pencil liners, waterproof mascara, eye creams and make-up remover. For pencil liners and eye creams, choose products that are gel-based. For mascaras, used water-based brands.

Avoid Touching It

There are times that you cannot help yourself but in awed on how amazing your eyelashes look and unconsciously you touch it. Some times, you try pulling or rubbing it unknowingly. Change these annoying habits because these will mess up your lashes. You may also need to change your sleeping position. Try not to sleep on your sides or stomach so that you will not squish your lashes.

Use Eyelash Extension Products

There are products that are made specifically for eyelash extensions to keep them protected and clean. You may ask an eyelash professional on what the best products like protective coating, mascara or serum to use.

Get a Touch-up or Fills

In order to keep your lash extensions looking great all the time you need to go to your eyelash professorial and get a touch-up or a fill. This is usually done every two to four weeks to keep them longer and full all the time.

These tips are a must for lash extensions. Follow these and you will enjoy your lashes longer.