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Style Tips for Children’s Hair

children’s haircuts

Kids are not immune to fashion. People of all ages have individual approaches to their looks, and since we all want the best for our children, why not give them the best cut and style for their hair, too? Here are a few tips to help you, and your child, get the best look.

Before getting a cut, make sure your child’s hair is washed. Whether you do this at home or at the salon is up to you – and your child. The point is to have nice, clean hair before the first cut is made.

Once seated for the cut, make sure your child is comfortable. Your child may need a booster to bring them up to a good height for the stylist. Plus, kids like to see what’s happening in the mirror. If they’re comfortable and engaged, they won’t be as likely to fidget. Less fidgeting means a better cut, too.

The stylist will likely use a wide-toothed comb on your child’s hair, and you should too. It will help remove tangles with less pulling. Consider using clips to hold sections of hair up and out of the way during styling. Soft brushes and blow dryers on low heat settings are great for getting a good style without hassles and tears.

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