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Tips for Great Lash Extensions


Lash extensions are similar to hair extensions. They’re individual “lashes” applied to your existing eyelashes giving you a longer, thicker look. Unlike false eyelashes, once lash extensions are applied, you’re good to go for at least three to four weeks before needing a touch up.

There are three basic types of lash extensions – synthetic, silk, and mink, and they range in size from 6 – 17mm. You and your cosmetician will select the best one for you and the look you want. Then the extensions are individually glued onto your existing eyelashes.

This explains why it’s important to find a certified, licensed cosmetician properly trained in the application of lash extensions. Not only is their application a delicate process, he or she must also be able to recommend the best products for your individual situation, including which type of semi-permanent glue to use.

Working with your technician, select the extensions and products best suited to your needs and the look you want to achieve. Mink lashes are more costly, but they give a dramatic, feathery look. Also, different glue products contain different chemicals. Your technician will be able to recommend the one that is the best fit for you.

After your extensions have been applied, avoid exposing them to water for 12-24 hours to give the glue time to set properly. Avoid using waterproof mascara on your extensions and then only apply it to the very tips of your lashes, and if you’ve used any specialty glue for sensitivities, avoid using oil-based makeup removers around your eyes as well.

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